Inside The Eyes Of An Interpreter At Dallastown

Dallastown’s Deaf/Hard of Hearing Interpreter shares what it’s like in her career.


Photo via Dallastown Spectator

In addition to serving as an interpreter at Dallastown, Imhoff is an avid reader who once served in the Peace Corps.

Interpreting for Deaf/Hard of Hearing students comes with a lot of passion and hard work.

Dallastown interpreter, Jennifer Imhoff does it all.

Imhoff took on many activities in high school, she was involved in National Thespian Society, Cheerleading, Student Council, along with ASL club.

Imhoff joined a ASL club for enjoyment at York Suburban High School, when she was a student with no determination to pursue a interpreting career.

After some time in McDaniel College, she realized that she wanted to pursue something she enjoyed for a career, rather than something she might not enjoy.

Sometimes we pick a path that we feel is the right path at the time, then as life continues, we find different paths and new passions. It is okay to change paths if the change is a healthy change.”

Imhoff started off in her college career as a Elementary Education major.  After changing her majors, she knew interpreting was the one career she wanted to continue.

I fell in love with interpreting in 1999. Educational interpreting is a wonderful way to combine a passion for interpreting with inspiring young people.”

Before becoming a Dallastown faculty member, Imhoff and her husband served in the Peace Corps as public health volunteers, which is now called Democratic Republic of the Congo.

“Once you have red soil of Africa on your feet, you always feel connected to Africa,”  Imhoff said.

When Imhoff  begun to work at Dallastown in 2002, she started out in the middle school and quickly moved to the high school.

Dallastown senior, Katelyn Moran-Pearlman had the privilege to have Imhoff as her interpreter for the past four years.

“Mrs. Imhoff has the most beautiful personality ever. She’s bubbly and so sweet. her laugh is so contagious. She’s helped me become who I am as an individual, and I’m grateful for her!”

Jennifer Imhoff (third from left) poses with her Dallastown “family” of educators and interpreters. (Photo Submitted)

She has interpreted for many classes and enjoyed them all, but she loved interpreting for Matthew Rojahn, who is a philosophy teacher and also her cousin.

“Interpreting at the high school has level has been so much fun. I love working with so many people (faculty, staff & students, alike) and in so many different cognitive areas. I am never bored.”

In her free time, she enjoys baking, reading, making jewelry, walking, and riding bikes with her husband. She also enjoys bird watching.

Imhoff works with several other colleagues in a classroom. There is a Deaf/Hard of Hearing classroom, Paul Haid teaches the classroom along with other interpreters, Hollie Knovich, Deb Moul, and Rosemary DiCeasare.

I have made many great acquaintances and many great friends, but the other interpreters along with Paul Haid, have become my friends and my family.”