Graduating at a Cost

While senior year can be exciting, it call also be expensive. We asked people at DHS their opinions on the cost of being a senior.



It was reported by the Newark New Jersey Star Ledger that on average, students spend at least $5,000 during their senior year.

Every senior finally being able to let out a sigh of relief after holding their breath for every year leading up to their final year is something everyone has looked forward to at some point.

Generation after generation of the same long-awaited excitement of senior year. However, there’s one thing that’s hindering the senior enthusiasm: the expense. 

Some seniors may find this financial situation reasonable, unreasonable, worthwhile, or even a large burden. Both seniors and teachers were asked about their feelings on the issue and the reason behind the costs.

Maggie Kern


“I think that altogether the price for a lot of the senior functions is pretty unaffordable without the help of parents or a job, considering most of us are trying to save for future plans and goals. I can understand why the prices are what they are, though.”

“I think the Class of 2022 has had it better than a lot of classes, honestly. We were sophomores at the beginning of the pandemic and were given a lot of pardons. We’re actually graduating and unlike the Class of 2020, we get a normal graduation, on top of prom.”

Sashi Nallapati

Senior (Class Treasurer)

“Though I wish that the costs of events like prom, the senior trip, etc. were lower, I understand that it wouldn’t be possible to discount these prices. These prices are not necessarily an administration set price point, but more of an outside business set price. Each ticket price is set according to the various expenses of the activities of the event.” 

“I feel like this class has definitely had a better senior year experience than the classes of 2020 or 2021, merely because Covid impacted us the least in terms of prom and graduation.”

Christian Paschke

Senior (Class President)

“I feel like I would definitely want to see cheaper prices, but there are definitely things that hold us back. Also, more people signing up for things would drive the price down. For the senior trip, the price was actually flexible, but it depended on how many people went, and with less people coming, it remains at a higher price.”

“I feel like we haven’t really received too much different treatment from the administration, but there were definitely some positives and negatives. I think Covid was the main reason we would have been treated differently. Sometimes we were treated much more lax, but there were definitely times I feel like we had some strict rules, especially towards the beginning of this year.”

Mrs. Boyd

Teacher (Student Council Advisor)

“The school charges the absolute minimum to host these events.  I think when people see the costs of tickets they don’t understand the cost to host events.  The venue, DJ, food, required security, and gratuity costs are all part of these events and that is worked into the ticket cost. Lastly, these activities are optional, so students are not required to attend these events.”

“I was grateful that the class of 2022 was able to have a more normal experience. I think there is a lot to be grateful for this year as we have seen some normalcy return to school. “

“As a parent of a senior, I knew this year would come with additional costs.  For that reason, I made sure that I budgeted for these expenses accordingly. I also donated money to the post-prom party as well as attended fundraisers and donated food.  The senior class has the ability to raise money to offset these costs for the entirety of high school, so perhaps that is something that can be done to ensure that future classes have slightly lower costs.”

Mrs. French

Teacher (Senior Class Advisor)

“We make a conscientious effort to be sure tickets are priced fairly – only covering the cost of the entire evening, not to make a profit. We figure in the cost of the ticket, the cost of the meal, and the cost of transportation; and we then determine what to charge seniors.”

“Considering the experiences of the classes of 2020 and 2021, this year’s senior class has had the most normal senior year since the class of 2019. I am so thankful and happy that we are able to offer the class of 2022 these memorable moments!”