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Compass Rose is a small boutique in Tollgate Village that is owned by Dallastown graduate Holly Wagman. Wagman majored in Biology in college but her love of fashion led her in a different direction.

Compass Rose

February 1, 2019

Amanda Naylor in action during a wedding photo shot, this past summer. This summer Naylor hit her “100 weddings” marks, since she officially started and registered her business.

Memories in a Snap

December 28, 2018

Tucker taking down his opponent back in his high school days. His love of the sport followed him from high school, into college, and now to his career at Seton Hill University.

For the Love of the Sport

November 19, 2018

Found Wanderer features jewelry with a golden aesthetic. The pieces have an earthy, natural feel. To see more pieces, follow @foundwandererjewelry on Instagram.

The Found Wanderer

November 8, 2018

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