Mamma Mia! Here we go… For Real this Time

The high school’s production of Mamma Mia! has returned for the summer, after being shut down from COVID.


Mrs. Anderson

The Mamma Mia set crew dedicates their time and energy to making spacious set pieces such as this.

Countless school events were put on hold because of the pandemic, including the long-awaited, fan-favorite musical that was originally planned to be performed on the DHS stage in April of 2020.

Mamma Mia!, a musical set to the songs of Swedish supergroup ABBA, is a romantic comedy that centers around a mother/daughter relationship, secrets of the past, and the ups and downs of life.

When this school year finally reached a sense of normalcy, the musical staff decided it was the right time to bring the show back again as a major revival.

Mrs. Anderson, the musical director, is ecstatic to bring back Mamma Mia! to the stage.

“Rehearsals started Monday and we were excited to see everyone back,” says Anderson.

Auditions were held last month, welcoming back graduates who missed their opportunity to perform two years ago.

One of the graduates who is coming back to star in the lead role, Donna Sheridan, is Riley Sharp who just finished up her freshman year at UNC Greensboro. 

“I feel like there was an unfinished piece of high school that I finally get to sew up,” Sharp says.

She added, “I’m mainly excited to get to work with some of my favorite people again.”

When the show was originally in production, many hours were spent on building the signature Mamma Mia! set, including a very large taverna.

“The taverna that’s used in the show is huge and takes up almost the whole stage,” Anderson says.

The set pieces have been stored behind the stage, in hopes of being used again.

As rehearsals are kicking off, sets are being dusted, and tickets are selling, a Mamma Mia-themed summer camp is also being planned.

The musical theater camp will be held from June 20-24 for kids in grades K-5. 

During this camp, kids will learn some of the songs and dances to the iconic show. 

“Last year we started this camp and it went really well, we hope to have more kids join this year,” Anderson says.

Not only is the cast excited to finally stage the show, Anderson is also grateful to have the opportunity again.

“I’m excited for the kids who have waited so long to get to perform this- I feel like we owe them that opportunity,” Anderson says.

There is a team of people that make this musical possible. Including Jennifer McCleary (Vocal Director), Elizabeth Gaynor (Choreographer), and Lori Rene Weyant (Costumer).

“We are hoping that the kids are excited to be in it because they won’t have schoolwork to worry about. They can focus on the experience of being in a summer show,” Anderson says.

The show dates are July 7-10 and tickets can be purchased through the link below.

Lots of hard work, dedication, and talent are being put into this show. You’re not going to want to miss it!