Student Section Support

The Dallastown community needs to work harder to show school spirit and support for all sports and activities.


Sienna Seufert

The DHS student section came out in full force at the 2022 Homecoming football game to support the Wildcats. While it’s amazing to see, it would be nice if all sports could feel similar support.

Rowdy, energetic, exciting, fun, and loud are all accurate words to describe school spirit. 

Students coming together to show their support for their school and classmates is such a thrilling experience.

Yet, what if we could strengthen our school spirit for the better? As a student body, I believe we need to team up to support all Dallastown sports. 

With COVID-19 ending, Dallastown is returning to its regular routine for classes, extracurricular activities, and sports. 

From various girl and boy sports throughout the school year, why is football the sport to get the craziest, most energetic, packed, student section? 

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against football, and I believe that they should have a great support system. 

But what about everyone else? What can we do to be a more supportive district?

With numerous Dallastown sports and spirit accounts, we should do our best to utilize them correctly, and post upcoming school events. 

A Member of the Girl’s Tennis Team, Elizabeth Tony, shares her feelings about Dallastown support. 

“I don’t believe our team would perform better with a bigger student section,” she said. “Yet, more recognition would be really appreciated considering we almost went to states last year.”

The announcements that occur first thing in the morning also address upcoming events and past events with their outcomes. 

This way, students who aren’t able to access social media platforms have a way to be informed of what’s going on with our school. 

For some student-athletes, having a student section, or just spectators could make them feel good about themselves. 

While balancing school and extracurriculars, I believe students would enjoy getting recognized for all the hard work they’ve been doing. 

While other student-athletes really do enjoy the power and enthusiasm that the student section may bring to their activity. Either way, showing your support is very meaningful and respectful. 

Multiple other sports teams in our District try their best to advertise their sporting event that is coming up and even include a fun theme for fans to participate in, just like football does. 

What if we could strengthen our school spirit for the better? As a student body, I believe we need to team up to support all Dallastown sports. ”

Why not get together with some of your friends and watch a sport you’ve never seen before? You never know, it could be a vast amount of fun!

Although school spirit isn’t a requirement, it is crucial to have. It can bring students and our whole school together, despite our differences. 

From there, we can all focus on supporting our peers. Let’s attempt to improve our school spirit as a school, one step at a time, and strive to achieve great things! Go Wildcats!