Spooky Donut Paintings

Area art students compete to decorate downtown York for the Halloween season.


Cham Dickson

This donut painting by Dallastown sophomore Cham Dickson is one of many that decorated downton York this past Halloween.

Donuts have taken over downtown York in the spookiest way possible.

Since the 1990s, art students from participating schools have been able to go into Downtown York and paint Halloween themed pictures on windows.

The students will have access to all different colors of paint, paint brushes, and windows.

Original pieces of art are sent in each year, all with their own spooky twist for Halloween.

It’s a tradition to include donuts within the artwork.

Whether it’s a donut monster or a donut moon, all paintings will include donuts.

This is because the window painting is sponsored by Maple Donuts and FlipSidePA.

FlipSidePA is a local company that hosts events and different parties around York and Hanover.

FlipSidePA has saved and collected all of the art submissions on their website, and the ones chosen were the ones painted on the windows.

These student-created murals were painted on local businesses that are in the path of the Halloween parade.

The paintings were done on Tuesday, Oct. 9, and the murals were displaced until Nov. 2.

The artists had been painting under the supervision of the art teacher Mr. Myers.

“[the students] are able to create their own designs,” Mr. Myers said. “This allows them to show many different art styles.”

The windows are located on Market between Newberry and Duke, with each school having their own area.

The schools who painted windows included Dallastown Area High School, William Penn Senior High School, York Academy, Red Land High School, Northeastern High School, and Central High School. Over 50 different artists were picked.

“I thought it was a lot of fun,” Cham Dickson said, a sophomore participating in the painting. “It left a lot up to us, which was a nice change.”

Parents were allowed to come and watch their kids paint. They brought drinks, snacks, and other items to help out the artists.

Donut holes were handed out to remind everyone of the donut theme. These donuts were brought by Maple Donuts and were handed out to students and their parents.

The donut paintings only get scarier and scarier as the tradition continues.