Homecoming: Wildcats Walk the Red Carpet

Taking a look back at all of the events and festivities of Dallastown Homecoming 2022.

Dallastown students were invited to walk the red carpet at Homecoming 2022 with this ticket designed by Student Council.

Julia Raab

Dallastown students were invited to walk the red carpet at Homecoming 2022 with this ticket designed by Student Council.

From the blinding lights of the paparazzi to the cheers at the end of the football game, this year’s Homecoming and the week leading up to it was one to remember.

The week consisted of Spirit Days, the annual Powder Puff game, the court, the football game, and of course, the dance.

Each year, the Homecoming dance is organized and put together by the Student Council. The Council is made up of about 54 students, ranging from 9th to 12th grade and led by advisers Mrs. Huyett and Mr. Hostetter.

The Council works hard to ensure that they put on a memorable show, or in the case of this year’s theme, a memorable Academy Awards Ceremony.


Spirit Days

Leading up to the dance every year, is a spirit week. Arguably, this year could’ve been the best one yet.

The week started off strong with an Adam Sandler Day on Monday. The dress code was to dress like the actor in his signature style, relaxed, baggy clothing.

Following that was Tourist Tuesday, where students and staff dressed up like they were hardcore vacationers.

On Wednesday, Dallastown threw it back to Decades Day. Seniors wore clothes from the 2000s. Juniors wore ‘90’s clothes. Sophomores wore clothes from the ‘80s, and Freshman wore ‘70’s clothes. It sure was a blast from the past.

Thursday was Duo Day, showcasing some of the best friend duos from shows, movies, and books, walking around for all to see.

Closing in the week was USA Day. Everyone made sure to show their spirit, and even the Statue of Liberty gave us a special guest appearance.




Powder Puff

Hanna Atkinson

On Wednesday, Sept. 21, Dallastown held its annual Powder Puff football game, a tradition that goes back at least 30 years. 

The upperclassmen and underclassmen girls went head to head in flag football the upperclassmen came out on top with the win, 28-14. The upperclassmen have won the majority of the games in the rivalry’s history. 

Even though this event is mostly geared toward flag football, it’s hard for spectators to keep their eyes off the night’s cheerleaders. Senior boys come together to create and practice a halftime show routine, as well as stunts, to perform in front of the spectators.

All the proceeds collected went to the Support the Troops fund, (that number will be coming soon!)





Zoe Schneider

Each year, 14 students, seven girls, and seven boys, get the chance to make it on the Homecoming Court.

A digital form gets emailed out to the seniors that year, and they nominate their top choices. After those names are compiled to the top seven girls and boys, the whole school gets the opportunity to vote for King and Queen.

This year’s Court was: Molly Binkley, David Adamchak, Natalie Cottrell, Edrien Dingzon, Paige Landmead, Daniel Gatiru, Morgan Lese, Kenny Johnson, Ellie Patton, Colin McWilliams, Zoe Schneider, Jaden Paschke, Kaitlyn Wise, and Corey Strayer.

Check out Zoe Schneider’s article, Homecoming Court Nominees 2022, to learn more about this year’s Court!




Football Game

Sienna Seufert

“And that’s a Touchdown for Dallastown,” and the student section goes wild!

This year’s Homecoming game had a great turnout. Dallastown won 35-21, with Kenny Johnson leading the team to a victory, which just added more excitement to his night.

At the game, the Homecoming Court was announced in a pre-game ceremony and the King and Queen were crowned at halftime on the track in front of the student section. 

Johnson was crowned the year’s Homecoming King, and Morgan Lese was crowned this year’s Homecoming Queen.

Homecoming game also included alumni band members, the celebration of 75 years of Dallastown football, and the recognition of alumni cheerleaders , which ended in a marriage proposal! Dallastown football alum Jordan Miller proposed to cheer alum Brittany Lahr on the track in between quarters.








Hanna Atkinson

The students attending this year’s Homecoming dance got the opportunity of a lifetime- to walk the red carpet.

There were about 1,300 tickets that were sold, making this number a new attendance record for Dallastown’s annual event. 

Upon entering the building, students were immediately met with people looking to interview this year’s dance guests.

A little farther down the entryway, they got to “meet” celebrities like Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lopez, and Anna Kendrick.

It was definitely a night of glitz and glamour for all in attendance.