Hooked on Hoover

BookTok star with 22 New York Times Novels, Colleen Hoover maintains her role as one of the most popular authors in 2022.


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Colleen Hoover’s popularity is displayed at the Target in York by full shelfs of her most popular books. Even though a lot of her fame came through BookTok, people are still interested in purchasing hard copies of her hooking novels.

Whether it be at the beach, by the pool, or at home, many people indulge in summer reading. This summer, Colleen Hoover’s young adult romance fiction novels took reading to a whole new level. 

So, who is Colleen Hoover? A Texas Native who is a wife and mother of three boys started her career by maintaining social working and teaching jobs. In 2012, Hoover unexpectedly received a majority of her fame through BookTok.

Hoover’s first novel, Slammed, was published in January 2012 with no true expectations. She wrote it not even knowing it would be published.

Since that first publication, a majority of Hoover’s novels have been awarded in some way. 

Hoover has received most of her popularity through the social platform, TikTok, where she has over one million followers. 

“I first heard about her books on social media (specifically TikTok) when she rose to the spotlight.” sophomore Lindsay Lehman shares.

Following her popularity on TikTok, Hoover is considered the queen of BookTok, which can be found through TikTok.

Rather than dance videos, people make videos reviewing and summarizing their recent reads. Hoover’s books were a hit through BookTok, which increased her fame and popularity even more. 

Hoover’s best-selling novel, It Ends With Us, published in 2016, maintains its top spot six years after it was published. Even in the summer of 2022, people are still raging over the amazing book she published years ago. 

Dallastown loves Hoover as well.

“I love how she puts all of her emotions into the book and it feels like she actually understands you,” Dallastown Freshman Reagan Bailey said.

Lehman agrees.

“I like her characterization best because Hoover goes extremely in-depth to the point that you feel as if you know the character personally,” Lehman said.

While many at Dallastown love her, there are some disagreements as to which is their favorite novel.

My favorite book of hers is either Verity or November 9, but I have loved every book of hers that I have read thus far,” Lehman said. 

“My favorite novel by Hoover is Reminders of Him,” Dallastown Sophomore, Clara Anile said.

Does her popularity make her “too hyped up?”

Hoover isn’t too trendy. If anything, she needs to be promoted more. She’s teaching teenagers to read instead of being on their phones,” Bailey said. 

I think she is a little too trendy, I do like her, but some of her stuff isn’t the greatest,” Anile said. 

While there may be some contradiction between Hoover and her novels, she is still a very successful, popular author in the making.