Philly Phever

Right now Philadelphia sports fans could not be happier over how well all teams are doing across the board.


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The Philadelphia sports teams mascots all take a picture together.

Philadelphia sports fans have quite a reputation, but what a great time it is to be a Philadelphia sports fan!

From preseason games, to the regular season, and even to postseason games, Philly teams have been putting on quite a show over the past few months.

For my family, myself, and many more, it has been a wild ride as a fan of Philadelphia sports and going to the games have never been more fun.

Just a few years ago, my family and I got the chance to go to our first Sixers game, and we all fell in love. From the game itself to the intense fans, we were all blown away about how quickly one could become so invested in a team.

Now, my family and I have gotten the opportunity to attend over a dozen of the Sixers regular season games, as well as preseason games and playoff games, and we are looking forward to going to many more.

From the moment that you walk in the Wells Fargo Center doors, you are greeted by some of the most enthusiastic fans, the people that work at the facility. Everyone there seems to love their jobs and the team that they are there to support.

The atmosphere is just incredible, so many emotions not just flooding the court, but in every inch of that arena. It creates this kind of bond between the players and spectators.

And not just on the court, but on the turf and ice as well, the love that the spectators have for all of their Philly teams is just unimaginable.

And my family and I are not alone on this thing that you could call an obsession.

English teacher Mrs. Turnbull and her family at the playoff game this year against the Atlanta Braves. (Photo Submitted)

Dallastown teachers Mrs. Smeltzer, Mrs. Grim, and Mrs. Turnbull are just a few of the DHS staff who share the same love for Philly sports as I do.

They have all been fans for 20+ years and will surely continue for many years to come.

“Going to the games and actually seeing them live, how fun they are and getting to experience the fans who are so passionate about the game, that’s why these teams have earned my dedication,” Smeltzer said.

The success all started back in February with the Union, followed by the Phillies, then the Eagles, Flyers, and Sixers.

The Union, Philly’s soccer team’s season concluded with 19 wins, 5 loses, and 10 draws. Their most recent win in the postseason landed them the Major League Soccer Championship.

They just recently played LAFC, the Los Angeles team, in the MLS Cup. By the end of the 90 minute game, the score was 0-0, leading them into penalty kicks.

Due to LAFC’s goalie, Maxime Crepeau getting injured, they had to put in their relief goalie, John McCarthy, who is coincidentally a former Philadelphia Union player and Philly native.

Following that game, the Union regretted letting him go, as he saved all three of the goals that were shot.

Unfortunately, the game ended with LAFC taking the win over the Union, 0-3, LAFC winning only from the penalty kicks.

Following the Union is the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team.

Their regular season came to a close with 87 wins and 75 loses, which may not sound all that impressive, since they came in 3rd place out of five teams in their division.

Middle school teacher Mrs. Sciortino and her family attended Game 5 of the World Series in Philadelphia. She said it was worth the money and the time to create memories. (Photo Submitted )

But, they fought hard and ended up winning against multiple teams, including the Cardinals, Braves, and Padres, taking them to the World Series. The last time they made it to the World Series was in 2009.

The World Series against the Houston Astros has just ended. The Phillies started off strong with winning the first game, but then things didn’t go quite the way that Philly fans had hoped. The Astros came out on top winning the series 4-2.

Next up is the Eagles football team with their season just having begun on September 11. And even if you are not an Eagles fan, you might know a thing or two about them this season.

So far, the only football team that is undefeated across the board is the Eagles. They are currently 8-0.

Hearing that perfect winning streak is definitely something that will make Philadelphia sports fans’ scream a little inside (or on the outside as well.)

All we are hoping for now is to continue this amazing season and make it to the Super Bowl.

Soon after the Eagles’ season started, the Philadelphia Flyers, the hockey team, began their season. Currently they have 6 wins, 3 losses, and 2 draws.

Teachers Mrs. Smeltzer and Mrs. Grim taking a picture in the photo booth on game day. (Photo Submitted)

Right after the Flyers season started, the Philadelphia basketball team, the 76ers, season began as well.

The Sixers are my personal favorite Philadelphia team.

Not that their standing is where any Sixers fan wants it to be, 5 wins and 6 losses, it’s only the beginning of the season, and there is a lot of time to improve.

“Something that I love is the dedication of the fans to the team no matter how bad they sometimes are. Fans will say that they hate them after a loss, but in the end, you can never actually hate them or leave them. Philly’s fans will always stick with their team through the good and the bad, no matter what,” Grim said.

Toward the end of their last season, they added James Harden to their roster, creating a pretty solid team. Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey were already on the team, but the three of them together is just something else.

This season will be one to remember, and not just for the players, but for the fans nonetheless. As many people have said, Philly has some of the most passionate fans in sports.

“The best thing about being a Philadelphia sports fan is the passion that you see, Philly fans are rough, but I get a kick out of it!” Turnbull said.