Crumbl Craze Takes on Dallastown

York, PA finally gets a taste of the internet famous cookies.


Delaney Fisher

Crumbl cookies come in the recognizable pink box. After many different box options, they narrowed it down to the famous pink box.

York County can finally taste the craze that they’ve only been able to see on screen. The TikTok famous cookie chain Crumbl recently opened their doors in York County, marking the first location in the area. 

On Friday, Dec. 16, 2022, a Crumbl franchise opened in the West Manchester Town Center.

Crumbl has franchises across the country, and is best known for their rotating weekly menus, oversized cookies, and signature pink boxes. 

Darin and Andrea Curtis, the owners of the West Manchester store, strategically picked York as the location. 

“We love York County! The population is exploding and there isn’t anything similar in the area,” Andrea Curtis said.

Additionally, Curtis believes the store will see a lot of nearby foot traffic due to the store being near the York Expo Center, UPMC Memorial Hospital, local colleges and high schools, and several shopping areas. 

Each Sunday night, the weekly flavor lineup is announced at 6pm MST on social media and the official Crumbl website. 

The menu includes only six flavors each week and includes a mixture of new and returning flavors. 

The flavors are determined by corporate, so every Crumbl store in the nation is selling the same thing each and every week. We do get to choose a “mystery cookie” every 5-7 weeks. We make that choice based on the time of year and popularity of the cookie,” Andrea Curtis said. 

There are over 300 flavors on the rotating menu, including Buttermilk pancake, Cookie Dough, Confetti cake, and Molten Lava Cake. Chocolate Chip and Classic Pink Sugar are typically always on the menu. 

I’ve been there every week since it opened! My favorites so far have been Strawberry Crumb Cake and Golden Oreo, and my least favorites have been Classic Pink Sugar and Eggnong,” junior Meghan Kelly said. 

However, not everyone is a fan of the out-there flavors. 

“They are good, but they need to make more simple ones as well as the “fun” ones,” junior Olivia Brenneman said. 

“The unique flavors combined with fresh baked daily {that} keeps the customers returning.””

— Andrea Curtis

Crumbl started as a single cookie shop in Utah and has exploded to over 600 franchises across the country. 

Its popularity and loyal fan base can be attributed to the company’s marketing efforts on social media. At the time of the article, Crumbl had over 6.4 million followers on TikTok, over 3.3 million followers on Instagram and 790,000 followers on twitter. 

While savvy marketing skills have helped Crumbl make their brand name known, Andrea Curtis believes it is, “the unique flavors combined with fresh baked daily [that] keeps the customers returning.” 

The goal of a franchise is to make each store as similar as possible. But that doesn’t mean the West Manchester location isn’t special. 

Curtis believes the employees are what makes their store stand-out. 

A look inside Crumbl cookie and how ordering works. The workers always have a smile on their face, creating a happy, safe environment for customers. (Delaney Fisher)

“They bring a lot of diversity, unique personalities, and awesome skill sets to Crumbl. Their enthusiasm for giving the best customer experience to everyone who walks through our doors is phenomenal.”

As customers wait in line to place or pick-up their order, they can view the cookie making process happening behind them. 

Andrea Curtis says their employees “truly take pride in every step of the process; from mixing, panning the dough, baking, decorating, assisting customers to fulfilling the order. It’s definitely a team effort!”

Students at DHS have mixed reviews of the cookies. 

“Crumbl Cookies is amazing. I would recommend the chocolate chip. It’s the best,” senior Rylie Gould said. 

“Overrated,” student Jackson Harris said. 

Students and faculty wanting to taste the craze can place an order on the Crumbl website, app, or in-store. 

The West Manchester location is open Monday through Thursday 8 am-10pm and Friday and Saturday 8am-12 am. It is located at 814 Town Center Dr, York, PA 17408.