“Faith in The Future,” A 2023 Tour

Fans react to the excitement and concerns of Louis Tomlinson’s upcoming tour.


Submitted by Kirsten Raab

Tomlinson sings to a packed crowd of fans during his first solo tour.

Louis Tomlinson is making his way to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on July 27 for his second solo tour, and no one knows how the TD Pavillion at The Mann is going to enforce their rules. 

Tomlinson’s upcoming tour, named after his sophomore album, “Faith in The Future” which was released on Nov. 11 2022, is premiering this summer.

Though this isn’t Tomlinson’s first tour. From 2020-22 he held his “Louis Tomlinson World Tour” tour, playing songs from his first solo album, “Walls.”

Tomlinson’s last tour had an incident that caused some commotion. 

In Kingston upon Thames, London, England a group of teenagers camped outside a venue in sub-degree temperatures overnight. 

However, the camping did not work out as the venue strictly stated that queuing in biting temperatures would not be acceptable. The story has caused controversy among fans and onlookers. 

Kirsten Raab, a fan of Louis Tomlinson, said, “It’s ridiculous. If they are out there in the negative degree weather they should not be making the people stay out there even longer.” 

Raab adds that the incident had already happened when the venue ushered the group to the end of the queue, and that there would have been better ways to go about the situation. 

Jannon Craumer, a parent who has been to Tomlinson’s Feb.14 2022 show, another view on the case.

“Fans should always follow the rules of whatever venue that they are attending and that everyone should be able to see any artist as long as they are being respectful and not causing harm to anyone.” 

Fans have phones out to record Tomlinson’s performance during the “Walls” tour. (Submitted by Kirsten Raab)

Craumer adds when she went the environment was naturally fun-filled. Staff passed water out to ensure everyone was hydrated, but someone had inevitably fainted. 

Raab, who attended the same concert, also noticed the fainted fan, and was concerned for their health. One of Raab’s main concerns for this next tour is if more people are going faint due to the warmer temperatures.  

Riley Danielowski, not hearing much about Tomlinson, knew about Kingston upon Thames. 

“If they weren’t supposed to [camp outside] they shouldn’t have let them camp out for that long.” 

Danielowski builds by addressing that fans would inevitably do what they want, but should respect venues’ wishes.

While The Mann doesn’t have specific rules on queuing overnight, they don’t allow camping equipment, only the next tour will tell what ways fans decide to reach the barricade.