Hidden Locations: Discovering Sporky’s

It’s been a labor of love and hours of hard work, but there is officially a new food truck in York County.


Janel Stump

A look at Sporky’s food trailer when it is fully open for business and ready to serve customers.

Located in the parking lot of New 4 You Cars in Dallastown, Sporky’s opened in September of 2022 selling breakfast to customers.  Since then, Sporky’s has opened throughout the week, selling all Pennsylvania-Dutch cooking during breakfast from 7-11 and now during lunch from 11-2.

“We decided that we were all really good cooks, so we would get a food truck…” explained Connie Poff, a sales representative at New 4 You Cars and the owner of Sporky’s.

New 4 You Cars employs an all female staff who don’t work on cars like other dealers in the areas, so during the pandemic they wanted a way to keep busy. 

The food trailer that hosts Sporky’s was bought at the end of 2020 from a gentleman with five daughters who were going to use it to sell coffee.  When Covid-19 hit, they didn’t want to go out and sell in the pandemic, so the trailer was put up for sale, right where Poff could find it.

“I prayed to God to help us do something and I looked to the left and there sat the food trailer,”  Poff recounts.

Poff’s friend made her a mascot of Sporky from “Toy Story 4” as a play on the name of the food truck. (Janel Stump)

In order to make Sporky’s an official business, they had to come up with its name.  This was one of the most difficult parts of the process in getting Sporky’s set up.

The goal was to come up with a catchy name that wasn’t already taken or close to another name that was already in use in the state of Pennsylvania.

After brainstorming for four or five months with several scrapped ideas and multiple failed attempts, Sporky’s was finally selected.  

But why was the name Sporky’s chosen?

“Everything we serve you can eat with a spork…it didn’t matter what we made, we could serve it with one of our sporks,”  Poff stated.

The future is continuing to look bright for Sporky’s.  Poff has plans to continue to keep investing in the business and expanding on more opportunities.

These opportunities include “doing events and…moving [the trailer]…it’s up on blocks now because of winter.”  Once the trailer becomes mobile, they will be able to cater events with a customizable menu.

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Summer will also be a time of change.  Sporky’s is excited to add customizable shaved ice to their menu to help beat the heat. However, no matter what changes or what remains, Poff will always remain constant in her favorite part of owning Sporky’s: meeting all of the people.