Video Victory

VPC prepares for their trip to Long Beach, CA in hopes to return to normalcy after the pandemic.


Hailey Zorn

Behind the scenes of the documentary that won third place during the 2022 STN convention

It’s less than two weeks until members of the Video Production Club leave for their Student Television Network, STN, Convention in Long Beach California. Although Dallastown’s video production teacher Mr. Klinedinst has been attending this convention for thirteen years, this year is extra special: this is the club’s first in-person convention since 2019.

Due to COVID, the 2020 STN Convention was canceled the day teams started to arrive at that year’s location, Washington D.C. In 2021 the convention was hosted virtually for schools to participate in and in 2022 they offered both options for schools but DHS participated virtually from Ocean City Maryland due to COVID limitations against traveling. 

The virtual competitions have been able to show students how STN flows along with the amount of pressure they are under to complete their film within a strict deadline. However, nothing can compare to the benefits of experiencing all of this in person.

Members of the Video Production Club during the virtual STN convention in 2021. (Joseph Klinedinst )

The networking and relationships that both students and teachers can benefit from when you bring almost 3,000 people together with similar interests and goals is powerful,” exclaimed Klinedinst.

As the trip approaches those attending have expressed their enthusiasm for what is to come. No one in the club this year has ever been to an in-person STN before. For some students, this is their first time even flying, and everyone is excited to be able to participate.

“With over 2,700 students coming to STN the energy in the air will be like no STN before,” said Matt Borger, this year’s VPC president. 

However, just like with most trips, there are also a high amount of nerves. There is a lot to account for during the five-day convention. The club is responsible for bringing all of the equipment that is needed for production. It is important to ensure everyone and everything arrives safely so DHS  can compete to its best abilities. 

“Traveling across the country with 27 minors is a bit stressful but I believe we have a nice group of kids going that will make DHS proud,” said Klinedinst. 

Not only is this convention fun, but it is also very beneficial to the club and its members. The competitions help show students how to work alongside each other and how to become better filmmakers. It provides a sense of community while also showing the competitiveness of the film industry.

Competing against hundreds of schools all across the country and even some from across the nation isn’t always the easiest, but the outcome is worth it.

“This is our chance to show why we invest so much time and money into the TV studio. Mr. Klinedinst has put together one of the best video production programs in the nation and this is really the only way to show how it compares to the rest of the nation,” says Borger. 

Throughout the years, the club has managed to win multiple awards. Last year the documentary team placed third despite competing virtually. 

Winning would be a plus this year, but members are just excited to see what an in-person convention has to offer along with the experiences that are yet to come.