Book Babbles: Season 2, Episode 2

A Very Risky Gamble: Discussing The Inheritance Games


Janel Stump

Book Babbles is a podcast by Dallastown seniors Alex Daudelin and Janel Stump. Their goal is to read and discuss books: good books, bad books, and everything in between.

Take a chance or pass?  

In this new episode of Book Babbles, hear how Alex and Janel learned about true risk as they examined the mystery and thriller novel The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes.  Get caught up in the world of Avery Kylie Grambs and the Hawthorn Brothers, complete strangers who soon realize they can’t escape each other.  


Featured in this Episode:

  • Summary of the Book
  • Main Characters
  • Favorite Characters
  • Least Favorite Characters
  • Favorite Part of the Story
  • Book Ratings