Spring’s Fashion Forecast

A look at women’s fashion this spring according to Dallastown students and industry professionals.


Jade Bradenbaugh

Ready for the season, a lookbook highlights this spring’s fashion. Mixes of classic spring colors such as blues and whites in combination with darker counterparts.

The fashion gods call for mixed conditions this spring.

Clean, fresh pastels and florals with drizzles of leather, dark denim, and chunky gold. 

Pieces to plan ahead for are our leather maxi skirts, flared pants in bold colors, white platform heels and sandals, asymmetrical jewelry, chunky knits, and funky shoulder bags.

From Dallastown students to Vogue, it’s apparent that spring’s fashion has influence from all aspects.

“Collections reflected many moods: from soft and undone to utilitarian preparedness and streamlined minimalism.” Vogue provided a runway report for this spring.

The use of bold dark colors and accessories in outfits creates a more sophisticated look. (Jade Bradenbaugh)

Fuschia, pastel yellows, and hot pinks are seen in popular designer brands like Marc Jacobs and Coach’s spring 2023 collections. A common trend is pairing these colors with darker and contrasting accessories.                             

Florals are seen big and small this spring in designer fashion.

Tyler McGillivary’s Orchid Top displays a giant bright orchid worn as a top. At the same time, little rosettes have found their way back on the runways. At the 2023 SAG Awards, Zendaya was seen wearing 200 petite Valentino rosettes.

Compress Rose Boutique in Old Tollgate Village is owned and operated by 2010 Dallastown graduate Holly Wagman, who provides some good points about fashion this spring.

“There’s definitely an anything goes kind of vibe in fashion right now,” Wagman said.  “We’re seeing anything from more tailored, work-inspired wear to very bohemian, effortless styles,” 

This spring’s bright color pallet consists of reds, pinks, and blues of all shade ranges. (Jade Bradenbaugh)

The use of bold colors in monochromatic suits is crucial to workwear fashion and very versatile. The paring of a bright monochrome pantsuit.

Wagman emphasizes the popularity of monochrome and longer silhouettes such as maxi skirts and dresses and simple outfits elevated with jewelry and accessories.

“My ideal outfit consists typically of a pair of jeans, or a skirt if the weather is nice, with a plain tank top and an open button-up shirt as a layering piece,” Wagman says.

Although often drained and unmotivated from the school year, sweatshirts and leggings become the second choice for Dallastown students as temperatures rise.

Current DHS senior and president of  Fashion Club, Katilyn Wise, shares her perspective on this spring’s fashion.

“I’ve been drawn to pastels and feminine dresses and skirts that I want to start wearing this spring, as well as, simple flower patterns, lace, and ruffles,” Wise tells reporters.

Floral patterns, lace, and ruffles are all great classics that can elevate any outfit, giving it a spring flare.

“I hope to see bright colors and experimentation with combinations of clothes that don’t make sense but are put together under a theme.”

Patchwork is an easy-to-wear way to mix up colors and patterns, Playing with color will always be a fun way to bring the upcoming season.

In end all, this spring conditions bring a mix of florals, monochrome, leather, lace, ruffles, metals, and experimentation.