Casual Fridays Rock Dallastown

How a faculty band has evolved and become a favorite at DHS assemblies and events.


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The members of Casual Fridays stand on the stage before their performance at Welcome To Winter Day. They performed a series of songs including "Run Run Rudolph", and "Feel Good."

Dillan Cook, Reporter

Dallastown has heard their lively beats and appealing vocals at Welcome to Winter Day, Mini-THON, and the last day of school. But how did a group of teachers come together to be a schoolwide favorite?

Band members include Mr. Gottloeb, Mr. Lumsargis, Mr. Stager, Mrs. Yuninger, and Mrs. Beyer. The band performed at the annual Welcome To Winter Day on December 21.

The real surprise was how they became a band.

The creation of the band was suggested by a student. Since DT has many teachers with musical talent and interest, it made sense for them to become a performing group.

Most bands like Casual Fridays go through a few complications such as resignations and retirements.

The original line-up was Gottloeb, Mr. Rojahn, and Mr. Colianne. Teachers were being added and other teachers were leaving due to retirements and resignations.

“Mr. Rojahn went on a solo career, went rogue,” Gottloeb jokes.

Not many understand why they named the band “Casual Fridays,” or what it means to the members.

“We were literally in Colanne’s room batting around ideas, and Colanne threw out Casual Fridays, dressing down on Fridays and “being casual,” Lumsargis explains.

Coming up with days and times to practice can be tough for these five members with four of them being in school all day, and the other being retired. But, they practice once a week in November to prepare for Welcome To Winter Day and add an additional practice the week prior.

All band members would agree that the band being school-wide is ideal because rehearsals can be held after school without having conflicts with their personal lives.

“Casual Fridays is the best scenario for practice because it is at work,” Gottloeb expresses.  

While all the band members agree that in-school performances are ideal, they’ve definitely had their fair share of authentic band life.

Members Lumsargis and Gottloeb were involved in bands throughout high school, college, and after graduating.

Lumsargis participated in a band, Vision in the ’80s, formed of students from York Suburban. The band opened up for a band that became very successful called Phish.

Gottloeb followed his love for music in high school and learned to play the guitar, drums, and piano. After graduating he joined the band Bigmouth Strikes Again. 

Figuring out what music to perform at the concert is also a challenge for Casual Fridays. They have to communicate with each other to make sure that the music they choose is something that the students are going to enjoy and is it something that the band is going to want to pursue.

The members all have fears about performing in front of 1200 high school students.  

“Am I going to remember the lyrics, am I going to hit the right notes, are you guys going to enjoy the music played? I’m not a professional, but whatever happens, happens. I’m here to have fun,” Beyer the vocalist of the band says.

At the end of the day, the main goal for these five members is to put on an amazing show that is going to be enjoyable for the students.

“We always try to think of what the students are hearing and what they are listening to, we never do it just for us,” Gottloeb answers.