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Dallastown students and staff take on yoga sessions that improve their lives.
Participants are engaging in one of the many styles of yoga  offered at Twisted Roots.
Participants are engaging in one of the many styles of yoga offered at Twisted Roots.
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Think of the poses. Downward dog, tree pose, cobra, these are all workout poses that have been said again and again, but where did they come from?

The origins of yoga can be traced back over 5,000 years ago to northern India. The word itself was founded in an ancient sacred text named the Rig Veda.

The sacred text is part of a collection of Sanskrit writings, being one of four Hindu sacred canonical texts, known as the Vedas. In english, the title reads, “The Knowledge of Verses.”

Dallastown junior Carrie Reymeyer said that practicing yoga has improved her life significantly.. 

“I’ve noticed that it gave me more flexibility and upper body strength.” Reymeyer said. 

Yoga improves people’s body awareness and lessens chronic pains like headaches, while also improving one’s flexibility and respiration. 

But while the physical benefits of yoga are great, the mental change it causes in people is notable. 

“It has benefited me mentally by decreasing stress levels and also it helps with my depression.” Reymeyer stated. 

When practicing, people’s overall mental health improves. During meditative and breathing sessions concentration sharpens, attention centers, and the mind relaxes. 

“I notice myself practicing my calming breathing throughout the day. I am more mindful in slowing down my fast pace.”

— Lesa Romig

After a while a positive outlook in life develops, as well as a manageable amount of stress and new found coping mechanisms. 

The spiritual aspect of yoga also improves the minds of practicers.

In Hinduism, yoga is practiced as a way to reach either a personal God, often referred to as vaikuntha, or as the God that lives within humans (antaryami). The different types of yoga connect the practicers with the God they are trying to reach.

Hindus choose the type of yoga they want to practice based on what stage they are in during their life. The different yoga types require different notions at different times. 

Whether someone believes in a faith or not, yoga improves physical and mental health. 

“Yoga has affected the way I think about things by giving me a more relaxed outlook on life and it just makes me slow down and really think about how I act.” Reymeyer agrees. 

Though it can be difficult to find a place that offers up yoga classes, Dallastown Learning Support Paraprofessional Lesa Romig has an answer. 

“I joined the class at  DAIS with one of my best friends. We have been introduced to other coworkers from other schools which has been a lot of fun.” Romig said. 

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Though that’s not where Romig started her yoga journey, she stated that years ago at Golds Gym her and her children took yoga classes. Romig only recently joined the DAIS classes to regain lower back and core strength, as well as her balance. 

“Yoga is great for all age groups. I would encourage all Dallastown employees to take the Spring class at DAIS.” Romig stated, mentioning that the instructor teaches moves for all skill levels.

If a class isn’t ideal though, both Romig and Reymeyer suggest pulling open a YouTube video and practicing at home. 

“During finals week is when I’m constantly trying to sneak in 30 minutes of yoga so it can help me not freak out about finals.” Reymeyer said. 

Reyemeyer addressed that if someone was similarly experiencing stress, anxiety, or depression, that yoga genuinely helped her. 

As a destresser, yoga has helped many people find the right balance in their life, so give it a try!

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