Spotlight On…Cardio Club

New this year, Cardio Club allows students to take advantage of the fitness room for personal workouts during wildcat periods.


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This past summer, Dallastown created a new fitness room in the back gym hallway in the space that was once two health classrooms. The room is now open to club members during Wildcat Periods to exercise at their own pace.

Maggie Helmer, Reporter

Dallastown has many opportunities for students to get involved and meet people with similar interests. With almost 60 different clubs, there is something for everyone.

A new club this school year is the Cardio Club, which allows students to gain access to the fitness room for the purpose of cardiovascular exercise in a relaxed, non-gym class setting. Physical Education teacher Mr. Thoman, the advisor for the club, expects all members to participate for the entire Wildcat Period every Wednesday and Friday on their own personal fitness plan.

This club came to be when a student approached Thoman with an interest in being able to use the room, which is new to DHS this year, during wildcat period.

“I was already opening up the cardio room for students to make up PE classes so I just decided to also open it up for students to use if they wanted to exercise,” Thoman said.

The club is open to anyone at Dallastown who wants to join. There are currently 16 members who attend on a regular basis but as membership continues to grow, a limit will need to be set due to only having 30 machines available.

Some machines that students can take advantage of are treadmills, rowers, and much more.

Current member, Chadee Simms, said, “It’s super fun! You can go at your own pace, listen to music, and hang out with friends.”

Students in Cardio Club have the freedom to set their own fitness plan. Thoman said, “The students are able to choose any machine in order to exercise. I do not force them to do anything specific other then make sure they are active and using the machines properly.”

For the students at Dallastown who are not involved with sports or currently taking PE, Cardio Club is a great opportunity for them to be active. “It is a free gym membership that includes very nice equipment and the flexibility to do anything they want,”

“It is a free gym membership that includes very nice equipment and the flexibility to do anything they want.” ”

— Thoman

Thoman said.

Even for student athletes, the club is a way for them to stay active in the off season. “It’s a fun activity I can do to help prepare me for the upcoming lacrosse season along with preseason workouts,” Simms said.

The part that Thoman enjoys most about running it is that the students actually want to exercise and are able to have fun doing it.