Saying Goodbye to the WildCart

Dallastown’s school store was sold over the summer and will be replaced by a vending machine and online clothing sales.


Photo Submitted by Donatelli

This is the Wild Cart and was brought Dallastown in 2015. Over the summer it was sold and was replaced by a vending machine and online sales.

Freddie Williams, Reporter

When DHS students started the school year, they may have noticed something big missing from the front lobby: The WildCart.

The WildCart, Dallastown’s school store on wheels since 2015, was the morning hot spot for students to purchase gum, candy, Gatorade, clothing and more.

“The WildCart was a student-run school store led by nine managers. Students are responsible for tracking and recording the finances, paying bills, ordering supplies, organizing and decorating the store, and using various marketing and promotion strategies to create awareness.” said Donatelli.

Student managers from the Entrepreneurship class helped to organize and run the WildCart every morning.

Former Dallastown student Alexa Knaub was a member of the Wild Cart “I was involved in the school store for three years. In those three years I helped with marketing, finances, and operations. It was a great way to learn about the business and what goes on behind the scenes.”

So where did it go?

Business teacher Mr. Donatelli said, “The reason it ended is because nobody was using it anymore.’

The district sold the cart, but the great thing about it is that more is on sale online, and at cheaper prices.

Instead of having the WildCart, people from the business class put a vending machine in the front lobby. It contains beverages, food, candy, chargers, gum, and more. If you want to check the website go to