Dallastown Introduces New Club

The Model United Nations Club focuses on world issues. The club is new and is looking to grow its membership.


Photo via Rhinebeck Central School District under Creative Commons License

The Model United Nations Club has recently been introduced to Dallastown. The club discusses issues affecting the world.

Michaela Hoover, Reporter

Dallastown Model United Nations Club is an opportunity for students interested in world problems to showcase their knowledge and interest in topics.

The Model United Nations Club was approved to become a club at the end of the 2018-2019 school year.

According to Karen Wilson, Model UN Club adviser, and teacher, the club allows students to “learn about political/diplomatic relations among the states of the world and prepare to compete in mock United Nations competitions,” Wilson said.

Wilson was approached last year by sophomore Nicholas Ryan about being the adviser of the club. Wilson said there was a large interest in the club, especially from students in the AP Human Geography class.

According to Ryan, the club’s Secretary-General the club is not organized exactly like other clubs in terms of roles.

“Leadership is composed of the advisor, the Secretary-General, Assistant Secretary-General, Secretary of Education, Secretary of the Treasury, and Secretary of Membership,” Ryan said. 

The club plans to go to conferences in the coming year. Scheduling and cost play a role when determining what conferences/trips the club will attend.

“Conferences consist of many students from different schools that meet and discuss current international issues,” Ryan said.

While at conferences, students represent different issues and countries assigned to them by the conference.

The Model UN Club plans on attending at least one conference per year. Conferences are held locally by high schools and colleges.

“If you have a passion for understanding and trying to “solve” global issues this is definitely the club for you.””

— Karen Wilson

Fundraiser ideas are determined by the Secretary of the Treasury and sometimes other leaders. “We have a fundraiser approximately every month,” Ryan said.

The most recent fundraiser has been suspended due to Angel Bin’s guidelines. However, shoes that have already been collected for the shoe drive will be donated to charity.

Currently, the club consists of 10 members. “Students interested in the world, especially those in Honors and AP social studies classes would enjoy this club,” Ryan said.

“The club does require outside work in order to prepare to discuss UN resolutions during club meetings, but if you have a passion for understanding and trying to “solve” global issues this is definitely the club for you,” Wilson said.

Students looking to join the club can contact Ryan by texting @dtownmun to 81010, email Wilson at [email protected], or stop by room 25 for more information.