Finding A Healthy Median Between Academics and Work

Balancing school and work can be a challenge, yet it can be done by following few steps.


Michael Kranz and Virginia Ball

Juggling school and work can be a challenge, but I have found a way to do both.

Taylor Rubino, Reporter

Some students can handle the pressure that is placed on them, when fulfilling their duties on a day to day basis. From school, to work, to life, they manage to tackle every challenge put in their way. 

However, balancing school and work is a common problem among teens. Throughout the halls of many high schools are students who struggle to prioritize between keeping up with daily assignments or going to work.

I’ve found that by managing my time, communicating, and taking care of myself, finding the balance between school and work has become much easier. 

As high school students, most of us try to manage our time but cannot find a healthy median. While making memories that will last a lifetime and working to fulfill our future goals, we must use our time wisely. 

I remember, when I first started working. I had to teach myself how to use my time appropriately. Now, I work close to fifty hours a week, and, when I have downtime, I am completing my school work. 

Time is precious, and, when balancing a job and school, it is easy to lose track of your time but managing it will allow you to stay on the right path.

Another important step to balancing work and school is taking care of yourself. Learning this skill now may help prevent burnout in future jobs or college. 

South College in Tennessee even has a section of their website devoted to helping students manage their time and cope in a healthy way.

“Although your schedule is time demanding with school and work, it is important to take some time for yourself. Doing something you enjoy that can help you relax and recharge. Spend some quality time with your friends and family to take a break from your hectic school and work schedule. Don’t forget to take care of yourself,” explained advisors from South College. 

If you burn yourself out, it will be harder to recover from the damage that you have done to your body. 

Throughout my three years at KFC, I have had moments where I am completely drained. Those were the times that made me realize that I had to take better care of myself. I had to put myself on a schedule to allow myself to have time to breathe. It felt as though my job was suffocating me.

Lastly, communication is key to success, when you are trying to find a healthy balance between your academics and work-life. 

“Talk about your schedule with your family. Balancing school and work is easier with their support,” College Board said. 

Photo via Flickr under creative commons license
With the right mindset, balancing school and work will become an easier task.

At times, it may seem hard to communicate with those around you, but, with time and effort, you will grow to be comfortable with confiding in those around you. 

Personally, I had to find a support system, besides myself. For years, I grew comfortable relying on myself, but that was no longer working. I had to find another outlet. 

Finding a balance between work and academics may be a challenge, but, by using these three easy steps, you will be able to conquer it all.