Spotlight On – Creative Writing Club

No matter writing a word or a thousand-page novel. Creative writing club opens their arms to everyone.


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A stress free place for anyone to just write to their hearts content.

Lillie Markle , Reporter

Creative Writing Club has been one of the newer clubs founded. It was made a little before the shutdown of 2020 and still thrives. This club is student-established and run. 

The club is meant to be a stress-free environment for students. They can express their ideas with words in a positive environment. Creative writing is meant to be a safe place to express ideas and thoughts without bias or fixed views from peers. 

Many people have made good friends through reading each other’s work,” remarks Grayson Lauer. 

Lauer is also the student in charge of the club. He put together the club and had actually gone door to door in the English department looking for a teacher adviser. 

Ms. King is the only teacher advisor.  As of now, there are 22 registered members.  The club just grows more and more. 

“I think the club is a great opportunity for students to write creatively and freely in a community of writers who find joy in expressing themselves through writing,” Ms. King said.

Lauer is very much so involved with the club. Lauer guides most of the club meetings. He sends out emails letting people know about the meetings. 

it is really cool and often results in twelve different interpretations from twelve different people”

— Grayson Lauer

Club members can have peers read their works. This club gives a positive place with no fixed views to make edits and suggestions. 

The Creative writing club has started publishing some of the student member’s pieces in a literary journal. 

This happens at the end of the year. Ideally, the club would like to do this twice a year, but with the constant changes these past two years it has been challenging to reach that. 

When it comes to how time is spent in the club it is very laid back. When the club session for the day starts there is quick prompt writing. 

“We’ve used pictures, Apples to Apples cards, and one another to create writing prompts, “ says Lauer explaining how diverse the prompts can be. 

After that time is up anyone is welcome to share what they wrote or just a little snippet of it.

These meetings take place on Tuesdays. And anyone can join. They host these meetings on Zoom, so both in-person and online students can partake in the opportune.

Creative writing club as a whole is very much a club of diversity. Everyone has their own interesting views and comes from different places in life.

And as most writers are these kids are very dedicated to their works and club putting all their heart and soul into it.