In Touch With a Vibe

A dive into what it means to create music, and how your bottled up emotions can be unleashed.


Trevor Jones, Reporter

Have you ever had a deep passion for something or someone?

Had feelings you needed to feel or wanted to convey but just didn’t know how?

Ever felt lost and needed advice but didnt know where to turn?

Well there is one remedy that society overlooks a good bit… Music.

You don’t need to be the next Drake, Taylor Swift, or the next Liluzi. 

Music can be an amazing outlet if you’re doing it right.

While many people turn to music to help them deal with situations in their lives, most simply listen.

 What you should try sometime is creating it!

 Some people have poetry or writing in a diary, but writing and making music is the next best thing to pour your emotions out.

Music is a very powerful aspect of life and our emotions.

Starting from the beat that throws you back to the feeling of a certain moment.

Followed by the lyrics that help us understand the rushing thoughts we had during that time.

Mixing the vocals to give the song more depth and feeling to match the theme of the song.

The difference between making rather than listening to music is if you can’t find a song that unleashes those bottled up emotions.

You can create one that tunes into how you’re feeling.

It’s not only writing.

It’s like what I stated  before. Feel the beat that you can move to.

Create that dark melodic voice with mixing or the airy summer night voice.

When it comes to music, your creativity is the only limit you have!

Don’t be discouraged if and when you try this out.

You don’t have to make the song public.There’s big artists out there that even keep some of their songs private.

No one is going to force you to release your art. Some people want their story heard by many to help them with the same problems they faced.

While some just create it for their own personal listening.

Don’t second guess your creative power and dont be insecure if the song is good or not.

If you believe the song is good to your ears then congrats! You just made something that helps you connect with yourself!

Music is a good form of coping because it helps you look at your trauma rather than running away from it.

Making music helped me understand my feelings. It helped me create my own vibe for certain situations. 

Songs are like little bookmarks of life, that allow you to look back on a certain moment and help you see right from wrong, or even just help you grasp onto a memory that was lost in your sea of thoughts.

Your skills will only improve if you keep at it, but how do you write a song that truly means something to you?

If you’re staying true to who you are and writing about personal experiences rather than what you believe the audience wants to hear.

Then you got the right idea.

When making music you wanna be able to move your audience.

Whether your audience is just you or a whole crowd of people.

You wanna paint a picture or memory in their head that they can connect to.

When you listen to the next song you play, listen to the lyrics. 

Listen to how the audio engineer made the vocals to fit the lyrics and the beat! 

Every little move that is made into making a song is a planned move that ties into the theme of the song as a whole.

In fact you could compare any song to a book in a way.

Listen to the lyrics, hear their pleas and find the theme. 

There’s actually dynamic and static songs, but like a book every song has a message or theme being told.

As an artist our themes aren’t just thrown out. Our gift of being able to use words to move someone’s mind, is the best gift anyone can get in my opinion. 

We start writing and we’re thrown back into 5th grade english.

 Remembering similes, personification and all that other fun stuff. 

We are consciously aware of what’s going on around us, we can easily tie one thought to another, our references make sense. 

A key component is knowing how things work, and being able to explain a train of thought through something that everyone has experienced. 

For instance swimming in the ocean. 

It’s like life, the waters will get rough, just keep treading until it plains again and you’ll have your moment of peace where everything seems to be going perfect in your life.

Just don’t give up once those rough waters come back.

 Those waters will help make you a strong swimmer because you’ve dealt with harder waves than those before.

 Little references like that, that tie into everything get people thinking.

 The power lyrics have. 

The power to be able to be an easy light switch of a thought  or concept can help make any puzzled thought understandable.

Music is a bigger part of life than we know.

It doesn’t just move our body, but our emotions and mind as well.

If you struggle with trying to understand how you feel, listen to the lyrics of songs you listen to or create your own!

Don’t let your emotions tie you down in life, tie them down in a song and create your own vibe!