A New Halloween Tradition on the Hill

An inside look at the creative geniuses behind Hallie the Skeleton.


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Dallastown resident Andrea Meeks and her family spent the month of October creating unique displays of Hallie the Skeleton and her dog Bones in their front yard. The displays caught the attention of passers-by and became a hit on social media.

As kids, we anxiously awaited the arrival of our Elf on the Shelf every Christmas season. We’d wake up to search for its new hiding place. One local family decided to put a Halloween spin on that tradition. 

Dallastown resident Andrea Meeks brought joy to those who drove down Ironstone Hill Road this October with the daily antics of their skeleton, Hallie. Every day leading up to Halloween Hallie changed appearances. 

“We started this for us, but having others enjoy it made the whole experience so much better,” Meeks said. She didn’t realize so many people paid attention to Hallie’s changes. 

We started this for us, but having others enjoy it made the whole experience so much better.”

— Andrea Meeks

Loganville-Springfield teacher, Mrs. Heather Manahan, noticed the trend and updated her Facebook friends daily by stopping to take photos on her way to work. 

“In a world filled with so much negativity, I just love that this family took the time and used creativity to make people smile,” Manahan said.

 One of her favorite setups was the snowblower because it was so “creative and unexpected.”

Meeks stated that all of the ideas were a family effort. Meeks, her daughter, her mother, and her father, all lent a hand to the project. 

The real secret was all of the hard work behind the scenes. Most of the time, Meeks and her mother moved Hallie before bed, but sometimes they needed her father’s help during the day. 

“Mom is super crafty, and Dad helped with the hardware for props and Hallie’s stability,” Meeks said. 

If you’re wondering if we can expect Hallie next year, the answer is yes. 

“We will definitely bring Hallie and her pup, Bones, back next year! We already have a notebook going with ideas and materials needed,” Meeks confirmed. “There might even be a few special appearances throughout the year.” 

So, keep an eye out as you ride down Ironstone Hill Road. You never know when Hallie may show up. Maybe she’ll even be dressed like an elf.