Global Perspective at DHS

In the era of global disasters and the emergence of pandemic barriers, it is important to unite people around the world. And here the Global Scholars Program comes into play.


Natalia Ipatova

Students in Global Scholars Program help artisans in Guatemala and Nicaragua through the Pulsera Project.  

Natalia Ipatova, Reporter

Some people believe that exploration of foreign cultures and languages can be useful only if they plan to study international relationships or linguistics. 

However, according to Mrs. Garrett, Spanish teacher and adviser of the Global Scholars Program at Dallastown, this kind of activity can help anyone in the future in many other fields of interests.

“For students who are going into the arts, history, business, politics or language, this definitely looks great when  applying to college,” Garrett said.  

About 20 participants of the Global Scholars Program meet once a month in room 414 to talk about the program requirements, to play games to learn about culture, and to discuss events that are coming up, such as extracurricular activities and volunteer work. 

“The goal of the Global Scholars Program is to create global-minded citizens that are well-rounded in language and culture,” Garrett said. 

This program runs through the state and is not a usual club. There are no presidents or other officers. 

It was developed by PSMLA, which is the Pennsylvania State Modern Language Association, to get students more interested in culture and language and also to reward them. 

“If students complete all the requirements they get an official certificate from PSMLA saying that they are a global graduate, and they also get a chance to wear cord at graduation recognizing their efforts,” Garrett said. 

Nearly 10 years ago PSMLA expanded the Global Scholars Program from colleges to high schools. They decided to develop a program for high schools because it provides excellent opportunities to make global connections and to build cultural awareness. 

PSMLA is a non-profit professional organization dedicated to the teaching and learning of languages and cultures from kindergarten through university levels. (Logo from PSMLA)

As a member of the PSMLA Executive Council, Garrett learned about the benefits of the program and decided to offer the program here at Dallastown High School.  

The Global Scholars Program is now tightly connected with other clubs in Dallastown High School since the French, German, Spanish, and Latin clubs all support the program.  

“Many of the students who are in the Global Scholars regularly attend the club meetings to complete the extracurricular activities requirement,” Garrett said. 

Even trips to France with French teacher Mr. Hare or to Panama with Garrett count as an extracurricular. 

“I would recommend the Global Scholars Program since it exposes you to many other opportunities,” said Nicholas Ryan, a senior of DHS who participates in the program and already completed all the requirements.

The Global Scholars Program provides opportunities for students to connect with other cultures, especially through the fundraising project called the Pulsera Project. 

This is a service project where students sell hand woven bracelets and pouches to help the artisans in Guatemala and Nicaragua.  

This year $1650 was raised which will help with housing, food and education in these impoverished countries.   

The most difficult requirement for me was the service hours as it is somewhat difficult to find service hours related to other cultures,” Ryan said.  

However, according to Garrett, despite some difficulties in the past two years due to the pandemic “quite a few students have completed the program and earned the recognition of being a Global Scholar Program Graduate.”

Everybody regardless of the chosen career path can consider to be involved in this program to expand their knowledge of international opportunities and be easily adapted to cross-cultural differences.