Distance means so little, when someone means so much

Distance is not a reason to end a friendship but an opportunity to make connection stronger.


Natalia Ipatova

Distancing can help friends built even stronger bong

Natalia Ipatova, Reporter

Quarantine had made it impossible for people to see each other on a regular basis in real life. It was a hard time for all friends because this interaction is an essential part of any friendship.

Or, is it?

I’ve never thought that distancing would help me to build an even stronger connection with my friends until I moved to the US. 

Back then, my friends, whom I left in Russia, supported me a lot during the difficult time of adapting to new conditions and another language. 

I would text them from time to time when I was down and they always were there for me to hear me out. This created an emotional bond between us and, as a result, strengthened our friendship. 

Now, we don’t talk as much as we used to, but I know that these are people that I can turn to.  

It is hard to believe that long distance brings people closer, but facts skope for themselves. 

According to Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, over 80% of participants who have long distance friends reported that their levels of commitment were currently increasing, rather than decreasing.

Even though technology and, in particular, social media have made communication between friends who are geographically far from each other easier, it’s still emotionally harder.

At the same time, if people are willing to make this effort, if they are ready to find the way and time to maintain communication then this will definitely level up their friendship.

Vega Negron (on the right) with her friends in Puerto Rico (Anangelis Vega Negron)

“To keep a long-distance relationship you don’t always need communication, you just need to let them know that you are there even if you are far away,” says Anangelis Vega Negron, a senior who moved from Puerto Rico in 8th grade, but still keep in touch with her friends there.  

Some define true friends as people who have each other’s backs, no matter what. 

Well, long-distance friends are the people who most likely support each other when one of them is going through a new experience or challenging times. Because talking about other things will not be an option. 

Evidently, people better appreciate their long-distance friends when they see each other again in real life. When they meet again after a period of separation, they find each other more interesting and can relate with each other on a whole new level.

They usually have no problem finding something to talk about even if they are going through different experiences, they have great memories that have a special place in their hearts. 

Long-distance friendship is nothing to be worrying about. 

A long-distance relationship is not gonna be the same, but the friendship will still be there”

— Anangelis Vega Negron

According to Vega Negron, “A long-distance relationship is not gonna be the same but the friendship will still be there.”

High school friends remain friends even when they’re apart during college.

Millions of people all around the world deal with distance when it comes to relationships or friendships. And a lot of them successfully ended up together.