Cravin’ Cupcakes

There’s buzz of some new tasty treats in Jacobus.


Maddie Herrington

Jennifer Thornton, owner of Southern Sweets by Jennie T. holding her famous red velvet cupcake.

Turning a passion into a career can be challenging, but rewarding. Jennifer Thornton, a new bakery owner, has showed the positives of following a dream with her new booming business.

Southern Sweets by Jennie T. just recently opened for business on Jan 29. and customers are already raving about it.

“We’ve gotten a lot of attention already from friends and people sharing on Facebook”  Thornton says.

With the help of her husband, they have successfully opened their bakery. 

“My husband pretty much runs the place on the weekends and we have one more full-time person besides me and my husband, who works daily,”  Thornton explains.

Thornton’s daughter, Mykala, helps out behind the counter as well, greeting people with a smile.

“She loves helping people!” Thornton says.

Having a Bakery was something that Thornton never thought she could pursue. 

“I always dreamed of having a bakery, but didn’t think I could,” she states. “Then God just started opening doors for me and it was impossible for me to say no!” 

Thornton says it was all possible because of Grey Beards Antique Shop, a place the family loved to visit.

 One day, Thornton and her daughter asked the shop owner if they were renting out the vacant room in the building.  She talked with the manager- and the rest is history.

It’s so cool to share a part of yourself with somebody else

— Jennifer Thornton

Thornton’s passion for baking started when she least expected it.

“I got into baking when I was in my 20’s when I took a cake decorating class for fun,”  Thornton recalls. Ever since then, her love for baking grew. 

“It’s so cool to share a part of yourself with someone else,”  Thornton says.  “That’s why I love baking!”

As for her recommendations on the menu, Thornton encourages everyone to try everything.

Cheesecake, cookies, cupcakes, and more can be found in the Bakery section. Everyday is a new lunch special. Comfort food such as pulled pork, chicken salad, and meatball subs are rotated through the month.

“My goal is for people who don’t like a certain flavor or taste to leave here liking it,”  Thornton says.

They plan to expand the menu soon, maybe incorporate some savory baked goods into the mix. She also plans to experiment with some different flavor combinations. Thornton invisions adding her own personal touches to make her bakery unique.

 “Next year before the winter comes, we’re going to have a fireplace here so people can relax, read a book, and just chill out,”  Thornton adds.

Ella Poff, a sophomore at DAHS, is a regular customer. “I really like how comfortable the bakery feels. I bring my friends there sometimes and just hang out, it’s the perfect place to do that,” she says.

Having a welcoming and homey environment in the bakery is very important to Thornton. She and her husband love to serve the local community and fill their bakery, as well as their treats, with love.

“I love seeing the kids come in, it’s awesome!”  Thornton says. 

“Bring a friend!”