Eye Catching Electives Part 3: WWW.Internet&WebDesign

Technology is the way of life Internet and Web design brings new look at it.


Beacon Staff

Teaching about how to better use Google isn’t so cut and dry. However, Mr. Midgett finds ease in explaining code and navigation to his students.

Have you ever wanted to start your own business or use the internet better to your advantage? How about a class where you can actually use what you learn in the real world? 

Internet and Web Page design might be your calling. The class has been offered for almost 10 years, however, it is always changing with the times. The current teacher for this is Mr. Midgett. 

“The Internet and Web Design class can be a fun and practical class to add to your schedule. We all use computers and the internet every day – understanding how it all works can help you in any career pathway,” Midgett says. 

Those who love working with computers no matter the grade are welcome and encouraged.

There are no prerequisites for this single-trimester class worth 0.5 credits. 

“I loved the class. It keeps you learning new things and practices new skills you can use in the real world when creating websites and working on the web.” ”

— Freshman Lizzie Yoder

According to Midgett, the workload is manageable and the course is interactive. 

“Students engage in various project-based learning experiences, web design business simulations, as well as building and coding websites.” 

This class is great for students considering work in the field of technology. 

 “Mr. Midgett made the classroom a very good and comfortable environment to work in. Overall he was an absolutely great role model and made learning relaxing and easy. I could not have asked for a better teacher,” freshman Saniyah Grant said

Being computer savvy is not for everyone, but Internet and Web page design brings skills that can be applied in the “real world” into arms reach for students.

*This is Article 3 in the series of Eye-Catching Electives.