Man’s Best Friend

Dallastown staff and students share their experiences adopting from the SPCA to give pets a second chance to have a “purr”-fect life.

Pets are some of the most important things in people’s lives.

The SPCA is a local adoption center that houses many pets that are waiting to find their “fur”-ever home.

Many people choose to adopt their pets from the SPCA, including several Dallastown students and staff members. 

Read on to meet some of those people and their pets.


T. Gray (Photo Submitted)

Meet Cap, the friendly mixed breed, a Lhasa Apso-Bichon Frise, which is Taylor Gray’s dog. Gray is a junior here at Dallasown. Cap is around 11 years old and is a playful dog. Some of his favorite things are playing with bouncy toys, going on runs with his family, taking naps, and people watching from the windows. Cap’s favorite snacks are pasta, scrambled eggs, and rice.

Gray chose the SPCA because she felt there was a need.

Everyone should give these pets a chance, and if they are not able to adopt, the SPCA is always taking volunteers. If you are 18 or older, you can work directly with the animals.

— T. Gray

“Lots of animals there need to find their home and they are so loving and playful. Rather than going to a possibly unsafe breeder (and paying lots of money), you may meet your new best friend and save them from life in a kennel,” Gray said.

“There are so many good animals there that need loving homes. Sometimes they can be a little intimidating, but they just need time to warm up to you. You can find the best pet and friend you could ever want at the SPCA. I am so thankful that we could find Cap and I can’t picture my life now without him. My advice is to give it a chance. Look at the pets, maybe take one for a walk, and you will truly see how wonderful each and every pet there is.”


C. Snouffer (Photo Submitted)

Meet Bella, Christian Snouffer’s dog. She is a seven year old Beagle Bulldog mix. Snouffer is a freshman here at Dallastown. Bella enjoys taking naps and eating meat scraps.

Snouffer chose the SPCA because “they had a very large selection of dogs and it’s a good place with very nice employees.”


C. Brenneman (Photo Submitted)

Meet Izzy, the 13 year old Terrier Mix! Don’t be fooled by his age, he is the spunkiest and feistiest dog you may ever meet. Izzy loves to eat snacks, go for walks, snuggle, protect the house, bark at strangers, and lay in the sun. His favorite food is anything that you are willing to give him.


C. Brenneman (Photo Submitted)

Meet Ojoh, the friendly Dalmatian Mix. Ojoh has sadly passed away, but she lived until she was 13. Some of her favorite foods were anything that you were willing to give up to her. Ojoh is a big snuggler and she loves to go for walks and lay in the sun.

Izzy and Ojoh are both Courtney Brenneman’s dog, one of the Ore Valley Elementary secretaries.

“Every animal deserves a good, loving home. This isn’t everyone’s first choice when they get a pet, but these animals can become great family members too. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or find the perfect breeder to find a pet that will be a great addition to your family,” Brenneman explained.

“Not only can you find a perfect addition to your family, but you might just be saving their life. It makes you feel good on so many levels. And rescue dogs are the best!” she added.


R. Holmes (Photo Submitted)

Meet the six year old Miniature-Pinscher Mix, Ricky. Rickey is the dog of Ryan Holmes, a senior here at Dallastown. The energetic and cuddly puppy loves to eat baby carrots. Some of Ricky’s favorite things to do are sleep on any couch, go on walks, and chase rabbits and squirrels.

Holmes says that the hardest part is simply choosing from the large number of animals available who need a home.

“The SPCA is a great place where you get to see so many animals excited to see you that it doesn’t just bring them joy, but it also opens up your heart,” Holmes said.

“It will always be hard to choose what animal you want to get. There were so many dogs there, it almost broke my heart that we couldn’t give everyone of them a home. But I know that the SPCA takes good care of them, and that each of them will soon enough get a home. That’s where we come in: each of us can make a difference by adopting a pet to ensure that they have a good place to live.”


G. Anderson (Photo Submitted)

Meet Maddie, the 13 year old cat! Dr. Greg Anderson, the Ore Valley principle, is Maddie’s owner. Maddie is a very active and intelligent cat. She loves to hunt for mice, which is her favorite snack, and she loves to sleep and be held.

Anderson chose the SPCA because “the SPCA really cares about getting animals into great homes. The process may be a little long, but it is thorough to be sure animals are going to be treated the right way.”

These are just a few examples of members of the Dallastown community and their SPCA pets. Everyone interviewed encourages others to visit the SPCA to find their perfect pet.