Battle of the Buildings: 2022

Teams of Dallastown staff (and students) competed in events to raise money for the Dallastown Educational Foundation, a group who funds numerous programs within our district.


Taylor Hicks

All the schools were lined up right before competing in a cone flip relay for the start of the 2022 Battle of the Buildings.

Isabella Wilkinson

The Battle of the Buildings is a fan-favorite fundraising event to benefit the Dallastown Educational Foundation. Teachers from the various buildings along with high school students competed against one another in a series of games.

This year’s event, the first back since COVID, was held on Friday, Nov. 11 and had two rounds. In the first round, elementary and intermediate teachers went head to head. The second featured middle school teachers, high school teachers, and high school students.  Each round had three main events: the Cone Flip Relay, Dodgeball, and Tug of War.

Check out the photo gallery below and watch the video above to see the students and staff in action.