La La Land is the Decade’s Best Film

Five years after its release and Academy Award success, no film has surpassed La La Land.


Photo from Flickr via Creative Commons License

With 14 Academy Award nominations, La La Land is one of the most successful movie musicals of all time.

As movie theaters are now fully open, many are returning to watch new films on the big screen. However, no recent movie has yet to beat Damien Chazelle’s La La Land (2016). 

Watching that film at 13, opened my eyes to movies past Pixar or Disney films. Three years later, I still consider it my favorite movie and hold the firm opinion that La La Land is the best movie from the past decade.

Why is it the best? First, it has critical acclaim.

With 14 Oscar nominations and 6 wins, La La Land became only the 11th film to reach that accomplishment. This film holds the record of 14 nominations, with the 1950s All About Eve and James Cameron’s Titanic the only other movies doing so, as mentioned in an ET Online article. 

While we look at its elaborate success in awards, the film is just about two simple people.

Director Damien Chazelle tributes to the golden age of Hollywood in this contemporary film, starring iconic actors Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. Stone clinched the Oscar for Best Leading Actress. The pairing gives emotional and well-delivered performances, as well as perfecting dance choreography and vocals.

In addition to Chazelle’s directing, musical composer Justin Hurwitz plays a critical part in the film’s success.

La La Land cannot go without mention of the musical score and cinematography, with Academy wins in both those categories. With components of impressive acting, an outstanding musical score, and stunning cinematography, La La Land is one of the best films ever produced.

While La La Land was very successful in the Academy Awards and has impressed film enthusiasts, there are still many people that claim the film is overrated and undeserving for its accolades. 

Disagreeing, I believe La La Land is one of the most creative and well-executed films that every person should attempt to watch at least once.

Watching that film at 13, it opened my eyes to movies past Pixar or Disney films.

La La Land is a film to be watched with an open mind, as it is a musical. The musical genre turns some people away from watching it. However, the addition of it in the film only elevates the performances and the plot. 

I would normally recommend disregarding others’ opinions before watching a film to have an unbiased view, but you can’t ignore the Academy success, the countless enthusiasts, and the many positive critic reviews for the best film of the decade.