Quite The Quantity of Quality Pictures From Quantico

22 Favorite Photos frp the Dallastown MCJROTC senior trip to the Marine Corps’ Quantico Base in Virginia.


The Dallastown MCJROTC cadets (right) passing by a battalion of Marines (in the back) practicing military Drill at the Marine Corps Quantico Base, Virginia.

On April 22, the Dallastown MCJROTC community traveled on a senior field trip to the Marine Corps Quantico Base, Virginia. The group departed from Dallastown high school at 3 a.m. and returned at 10 p.m.

The trip lasted around 19 hours: the Dallastown MCJROTC community hiked along the Marines’ PT route, watched Marines practice marksmanship, ate at the Marines’ cafeteria, explored the National Museum of The Marine Corps, and much more.

The main purpose of the trip was to help the Dallastown MCJROTC cadets understand the rich history of the Marine Corps and experience the day-to-day training Marines must work through.



A statue of Lieutenant General John Archer Lejeune. The photo was taken shortly after the American flag was raised at 8 a.m.
A plaque describing Lieutenant General John Archer Lejeune’s life and the battles he had fought in.
The Dallastown MCJROTC cadets crossing a bridge over marsh nicknamed The Quigley. A few Marines were digging holes in The Quigley during this time.
An old rusty bullet the Dallastown MCJROTC cadets found on the ground as they hiked for three miles. There were several other hundred bullets left on the ground.
The Dallastown MCJROTC cadets walking through the Marines’ barracks. The barracks contained small bunk beds, a few storage bins, and one small restroom, formally called The Head.
An obstacle course Marines train on before their three mile hike—formally called the Confidence Course.
Master Gunnery Tyrone Davis (Master Guns) performing several pull-ups on the Marines’ pull-up bar. Several Marines were also exercising during this time (in the back).
Marines shooting targets 300 yards away using M27 Infantry Automatic Rifles while remaining in a prone position (lying down).
Major White (left) and Master Guns (middle) taking turns practicing shooting with a Marine’s personalized high-speed sniper rifle.
The inside of the Marines’ lunchroom, formally called The Chow Hall. Several meals being served were cheeseburgers, spicy macaroni, and lemon pudding.
A portrait of the 1st Raider Battalion in the Raider Hall. According to the plaque, “the 1st Raider Battalion took part in the major American Offensive action of World War II.”
One of the many hallways in the Marines’ Basic School. The Commanding Officer of the school was Colonel J. F. Schmidt.
A group of Marines practicing strategizing in the Basic School over a model table called The Sandbox. The Marines’ objective is to strategize how to outflank their enemy in hypothetical situations.
The Dallastown MCJROTC cadets’ bus for transportation, also called the Bailey Coach. Outlets were provided on the bus, as well as a restroom.
A camouflage Marine Corps truck passing by as the Dallastown MCJROTC cadets (right) walked back to the Bailey Coach.
The weight room inside the Ramer Hall. Up above is the cardio room (top right).
The Dallastown MCJROTC Cadets walking through the Ramer Hall across a rug with the words “Semper Fidelis” written on it, meaning “Always Faithful.”
A battalion of Marines practicing breaking into a vehicle. The vehicle (right) was pre-purchased for the Marines to practice breaking into.
One of the Marines preparing to break the pre-purchased vehicle side view mirror with a crowbar. The Marine is equipped with gloves and safety goggles.
The outside of the National Museum of The Marine Corps. This was the last place the Dallastown MCJROTC community visited on the trip.
A LEGO statue of four Marines raising the American Flag on Mt Suribachi in the battle of Iwo Jima. The statue was displayed in the National Museum of The Marine Corps’ store.