Drayden Lloyd – Football


Taylor Hicks

Senior football player, Drayden Lloyd, was selected as our Sports Spotlight Athlete. Lloyd was chosen by his peers for his stand-out performances in recent weeks.

Taylor Hicks, Reporter

Beacon: How old were you when you started playing? 

Lloyd: “I was 7 when I started playing.”

Beacon: What is the best part about competing? 

Lloyd:  “The best part about competing is growing as a team and improving on the mistakes we made in previous games.”

Beacon: Who inspires you as a young athlete? 

Lloyd: “As a young athlete Saquon Barkley was one of my inspirations.”

Beacon: What are some goals that you hope to achieve throughout your high school career? 

Lloyd: “Some of my goals in my high school career are finishing high school strong and continuing my athletic journey.”

Fun questions: 

Beacon: Who would win an arm wrestling competition on your team? 

Lloyd: “In an arm wrestling competition I think Caleb Hurst would win.”

Beacon: If you just won the lottery, what would be the first thing you would do?

Lloyd: “If I won the lottery I would pay my parents house, cars, and whatever other expenses they have.”

Beacon: What is your favorite thing  that you or your team does after a win? 

Lloyd: “My favorite thing my team does after a win is play party in the USA in the locker room.”