Sports Spotlight

Photos submitted/Graphic Taylor Hicks

Sports Spotlight

October 28, 2022

Kira Lynch – Volleyball


Photos submitted/Graphic Taylor Hicks

Sophomore volleyball player, Kira Lynch, was selected as our Sports Spotlight Athlete. Lynch was voted by her peers for her ongoing, excellent performances on the court in recent weeks.

Beacon: How long have you been playing volleyball?

Lynch: “I have been playing volleyball for 4 years.”

Beacon: What made you want to start playing?

Lynch: “I started playing because I wanted to try something new, and I thought I could be good at it.”

Beacon: What do you love the most about playing with a team? 

Lynch: “My favorite part of playing with a team is the energy that everyone has during a game and the new friendships I get to make.”

Beacon: Who do you look up to the most? Do you have any sports heroes? 

Lynch: “I look up to my dad because he’s my number 1 supporter. My sports heroes are my teammates and coaches because they always push me to be a better person and player.” 

Fun Questions: 

Beacon: If you could cancel one of your classes for a day, what game would you play with your class instead?

Lynch: “If I could cancel one of my classes and play a game instead, I would like to play volleyball because it’s my favorite.”

Beacon: Would you rather compete in a dance-off or a karaoke contest and why?

Lynch: “I rather compete in a karaoke contest because I’m really bad at dancing.”

Beacon: What is an invention that doesn’t exist yet, but you would invest one million dollars to help create?

Lynch:I would invest 1 million dollars in a charger that charges your phone to 100% instantly because my phone is always dead.”

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Michael Scott – Football


Sienna Seufert/Graphic Taylor Hicks

Senior football player, Michael Scott, was selected as our Sports Spotlight Athlete. Scott was voted by his peers for his stand-out performances on the field in the recent weeks.

Beacon: As a multisport athlete, sport is your favorite to play?

Scott: “My favorite sport to play Is definitely football, that is the sport that I fell in love with from the start and that is what I want to do in college.”

Beacon: What is the greatest accomplishment you’ve ever achieved?

Scott: “My greatest accomplishment probably is getting first-team all-county for football last year as a freshman! It’s nothing too crazy or big because I still have a lot to improve on and get better at.”

Beacon: How do you mentally prepare for a game? 

Scott: “What I do to mentally prepare for games is listen to my music, then before the game starts I always call my mom and she prays for me and that is a big factor with me, keeping God first in everything.

Beacon: What pushes you to keep playing? 

Scott: “What pushes me to keep playing is definitely my father. He passed away when I was 7 years old and ever since then I have had a chip on my shoulder and I say everyday that I am playing for him.

Fun Questions: 

Beacon: Do you have any superstitions or pre-game rituals?

Scott: “I don’t really have any superstitions really.”

Beacon: What is your favorite food to eat after a game? 

Scott: “My favorite food to eat after a game is JJ Panda.”

Beacon: What should be an Olympic sport and why? 

Scott: “I feel like football should be an Olympic sport honestly, because you already have all of the other main sports in the Olympics but football which I don’t get.”

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