Dallastown’s Fall Athletic Signing Day 2020-2021

On December 10, six athletes were given the opportunity to continue their sports at a collegiate level.


Dallastown Athletic Department’s Twitter Page

Gabe Norwood, Riley Thomas, Mason Bowman, Sydney Ohl, Shauna Stotler, and Camryn Eveler are six Dallastown student-athletes who signed National Letters of Intent on Dec. 12. These athletes will be attending college in the Fall of 2021 to continue their sports and further their academic studies.

The Dallastown Athletic Department recognized six athletes who committed to pursue their athletic and academic careers at the collegiate level on Wednesday, December 12. 

This is Dallastown’s first athletic signing day for the 2020-2021 academic year. It was originally scheduled for November 19 but had to be rescheduled due to the two week school closure prior to Thanksgiving due to COVID. 

Signing days are held three times each year to recognize the accomplishments of Dallastown athletes who have been offered college scholarships and to sign their National Letters of Intent (NOI).

The NOI officially binds the student-athletes to their colleges and universities for their next four years in education and athletics. 

The athletes who signed this fall are as follows:

Sydney Ohl-Volleyball:

Ohl has committed to Juniata College to continue playing volleyball. Her major is currently undecided, but she is leaning towards Biology. Ohl has played volleyball for eight years. Her position is a libero/DS for the DHS volleyball team, and she has also played for Spookynook Volleyball Academy for a couple years now.

“I think the things that I’m most excited for going to college is all the new opportunities that I’m going to have,  to experience things, and push myself to become both a better person and volleyball player, and something I’m going to miss about Dallastown is definitely going to be all of the relationships that I’ve made during my time here and the safety of knowing what’s next. College is a whole new world and I’m scared but very excited.”

Mason Bowman- Lacrosse: 

Bowman has signed to play lacrosse at UMass Lowell College. He plans to study Criminal Justice. He has played lacrosse for six years and has been a midfielder for both teams he has played for. He’s also played for Florida Crabs Lax. 

“I’m excited about being able to play against the best lacrosse players across the country and going to a different state to play. I’m going to miss all of my teammates and play with my friends.”

Riley Thomas- Baseball:

Thomas has signed to go to Seton Hill University to pursue his academic and his athletic career. He has a plan to study Marketing in the Business Department. His position is second base and shortstop. He has played for over ten years and he participates in a variety of club teams.

“I am excited to meet new people and experience college baseball on a whole new level. I am going to miss my teachers and my friends, along with the baseball side of high school.”

Shauna Stotler- Softball:

Stotler has committed to Cabrini University to continue playing softball with a plan to study Early Childhood Education. Her position in softball is catcher and third base. Stotler has been playing for thirteen years and counting. She has played for a club team, the PA Ballhawks. 

“I am excited to get to play with new people and at a whole new level. I am going to miss my friends and all the people I grew up with.”

Camryn Eveler-Field Hockey:

Eveler has signed to go to Kutztown University to pursue her academic and athletic career. She has a plan to study English. Her positions in Field Hockey are forward/midfielder. With six years of experience, she also plays at Spooky nook for a club team. 

“What I’m most excited about for college is the opportunity to play field hockey at a higher competitive level. What I’ll miss most about DT is all the great people and friends.”

Gabe Norwood-Lacrosse:

Norwood has signed to go to Lycoming College to continue playing lacrosse with a plan to study Criminology. He has played lacrosse for a total of ten years and counting. He has played for HLC, which is a club team. His position is defense. 

“I am so excited to get on the field in college and I know I will miss high school lacrosse.”


The next two athletic signing days are supposed to happen on February 3rd and April 14th. Stay tuned for more students signing!