Spotlight on… Girls Learn International

Girls Learn International Club focuses on Women’s Rights Globally


Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Dallastown’s Girls Learn International Club celebrates March as Women’s History month.

Emma Fitzgibbons , Reporter

When most people think of March, they immediately picture leprechauns, Easter, and spring. However March is also important because it is Women’s History Month.

One club at Dallastown uses its time and resources to speak about women’s issues and rights worldwide, and what students can do to make a difference and spread the word. This club is called Girls Learn International.

According to Mrs. Yuninger and Mrs. Bonanni, club advisers, the members discuss many important global topics such as cultural appropriation, economic inequality, and systemic racism.

Girls Learn International was started by seniors Emily White and Sheri Kurian, both of which are leaders of the club.

Although this club discusses Women’s equality, it is not limited to just girls, boys can feel free to join as well.

“Gender doesn’t determine whether someone believes all people should be treated with equity, regardless of their identity,” Yuninger said.

Katelyn Moran-Pearlman
The members of GLI stood in the front lobby this morning, raising awareness and teaching people about Women’s Equality.

This club started three years ago and currently has 48 members.

Yuninger’s favorite part of the club is that it is student driven.

“I love that students saw a need and actively sought to address the need.”

Bonanni too appreciates all the members in the club, and their passion towards important topics.

“I love when students expose their vulnerability by giving presentations about intersectionality topics that pertain to them—such as mental health or transgender issues,” Bonanni said.  

On days such as International Women’s Day, GLI tries to come up with ways to draw attention to the special date.

Friday, March 8, is International Women’s Day. In honor of this special day, GLI held an event in the morning in the high school front lobby. 

GLI members played music and sold candy at a table to raise money for a sister school in Kenya. Each year GLI chooses a school to fundraise for, to provide better access to quality educational opportunities.

Members of the club did their best to raise awareness and inform DHS of all that women do, and why they believe International Women’s Day should be spent celebrating women around the world.