Glattacker: The New Face of Mr. DHS

After grueling competition, Student Council crowns new king.


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Contestants pose with the Student council committee for Mr. DHS after the competition completed.

Alexa Knaub, Reporter

On Friday, February 22, senior Jack Glattacker was crowned the new Mr. DHS in front of a lively crowd at the annual Student Council fundraiser. This is the 8th year for the event.

Other senior contestants included Matt Asobayire, Julian Bailey, Sam Betz, Jordan Cook, Addison Keja, Aaron Lee, and Josh Reyes.

Senior, Andrea Alessi hosted the event.

“We met every week for a month to get the boys prepared and ready for showtime,” Alessi said.

Alessi along with Seniors Jordan Lese and Hannah Larson were committee chairs of the event. The girls planned and attended the competition.

The boys were judged on talent, the group dance, and fashion. 

“Out of the whole event my favorite part was the opening group dance,” Senior, Maggie Helmer said.

A lot of work went into the annual pageant.

“We practiced twice a week to get ready for Mr. DHS. We worked on the whole lineup each time we practiced,” Contestant, Jordan Cook said.

The talent section included singing, tap dancing, and a unique choreographed dance with a bouncy ball by Josh Reyes and Tahje Wade.

“I sang ‘I’m Your Man’ by Michael Bublé, and my fashion was a dress with Post Malone makeup with the judges names tattooed on my arms,” Glattacker said.  

Many people in the audience were surprised by Glattacker’s singing ability.  

“He was really good at singing, it runs in the family,” Jack’s twin sister Piper said.

“There were at least 250 people who attended Mr. DHS,” Student council advisor Mrs. Huyett said. All of the proceeds from the event benefits the senior class party at the end of the year.

For a glimpse of the event check out the bloopers made by Junior Sarah Mtimet.